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  • Alex

    The market has reached support, closing at 12,570. Tomorrow will be an up day, and expect a larger bounce from here. Likely the cause will be talk of further steps to ease monetary policy. The fed governors know who to talk to in the press to get the shorts to cover and give the market support. Really, it isn’t monetary policy any more. It is just the Fed buying assets to get their price up, and using printed money to do it. It is beyond belief how much they try to control our “free” bond and stock markets.

  • Alex

    The fundamental strangulation of the stock market and economy will continue, as it has and will go on for years to come. The fiscal cliff will be solved with raising tax rates here and there. Obamacare is also raising some rates too, don’t forget. That’s the slow stragulation. Many of Bush’s tax cuts will be pushed forward. Deficits will continue to rise. Keeping the market supported, though, will be the Fed’s williness to do what ever it has to do to keep stock prices up and rates at zero. At some point, you watch, they’ll start buying stocks for their portfolio. Heck, they are already buying houses, with the MBS purchases. Remember, their #1 goal is to get stocks and housing up. The Dow has support at 12,578 to 12,656. We’ll reach there, and then have a nice rally. Alex