Easy Street Investing

If you didn’t make 10% last month …

Martin D. Weiss, Ph.D.

A lot of former bears are suddenly turning bullish on the stock market now that it has continued to run up in the beginning of 2013. And frankly, this massive shift in sentiment concerns me because so many people get bullish at short-term tops and then sell into pullbacks.

At the same time, my Income Superstars readers have been in a great position to reap the benefits as other investors finally accept all the arguments I’ve been making for the last few years.

In fact, the sum total of my Dividend Superstars recommendations soared 9.57 percent in January alone. That’s almost TWICE the S&P 500’s return over the same period!

What about the real-life $100,000 retirement portfolio that I also share with my subscribers?

Since we launched it in the summer of 2010, we’ve already racked up $18,293 in open and closed profits through February 19.

Of course, there’s a very simple reason Income Superstars is the best-performing newsletter at Weiss Research …

We Use Time-Tested Strategies And

Let Our Money Do the Work for Us!

There are all kinds of ways to approach investing.

Some people spend every waking hour trading a different world market. Some attempt to time every single move of a particular asset. Still others try to find penny stocks that are going to become the next Apple or Google.

But I prefer to make the most money with the least amount of effort and risk. And although the media loves talking about lottery winners and hedge fund managers, most wealthy Americans feel the same way.

That’s exactly what we mean by saying someone is “on easy street.”

It’s a state of mind that has nothing to do with Wall Street OR Main Street.

Instead, it’s a completely different place where you’re no longer required to put forth undue effort … where you let your money work for you … and where you’re free to spend a good deal of time enjoying your life and pursuing personal passions.

This is why dividend stocks are a classic “easy street” investment:

  • The very best dividend stocks can be bought and held for a long time.
  • They kick off bigger and bigger income streams every year with zero additional work on your part.
  • Plus, they can hand you HUGE capital gains along the way!

Take a stock like Hershey (HSY).

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I recommended it to my readers back in late November of 2009, when it was trading for about $35.

Today it’s near an all-time high of $81 a share and I just recommended locking in gains.

Factoring in dividend payments, I’m estimating a total return of about 147 percent.

That’s roughly 45 percent in each of the last three years!

Now ask yourself …

How many “next big thing” investments do better than 45 percent a year (and how many crash and burn)?

Or how many hours do other investors spend watching their monitors to try and get returns like that?

Meanwhile, all my readers had to do was buy a quality stock when most other people were ignoring the opportunity and focusing on all the negatives.

It probably took a couple hours to confirm my research and buy the stock. Then they were free to go back to enjoying their lives while the dividends and profits piled up!

Hershey isn’t an isolated example, either. Lots of other Dividend Superstars have produced monster total returns like this over the last few years — in some cases even MORE than Hershey has.

Take Altria, the tobacco company. I’ve mentioned it here in Money and Markets many times before and it’s up as much as 196 percent since I first started recommending it!

And dividend stocks are just the beginning.

There are plenty of other ways to build your wealth and boost your bottom line — from techniques that get you big discounts on things you buy all the way up to more advanced income-generating strategies like options writing.

That’s Why I’m Launching Easy Street Investing

A Brand-New Division at Weiss Research!

For many years I’ve been showing investors how to use simple, effective wealth-building techniques here in Money and Markets and in my monthly Income Superstars issues. But now, Dr. Weiss has asked me to take things to the next level by launching my own publishing group.

I’m calling it Easy Street Investing because it will focus exclusively on proven strategies that can help you earn more, work less, and live the rich, rewarding life you deserve.

Plus, this new division will give me more bandwidth to cover some of the other topics I love writing about — including retirement matters, tax shelters, and financial planning issues.

Bottom line: My goal will be introducing you to new ideas and approaches that can improve your finances and give you the life you deserve — all explained in plain English.

For the next few weeks, I will continue to write articles here in Money and Markets, too. But to make sure you get everything my new group does in the future …

Just click here now to activate your free membership to Easy Street Investing!

Look, most investors would kill for a 10 percent return in a year, let alone a single month. But I’m not going to rest on my laurels. In fact, I’m already working on some new ideas for Easy Street Investing that could potentially produce even bigger profits going forward.

I can’t wait to start showing some of them to you. So make sure you’re there with me by clicking here and adding your name to my list.

Best wishes,


P.S. The timing of this new division couldn’t be better — especially given all the disturbing new developments that are happening on the retirement front.


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