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Seriously, do this today …

by Nilus Mattive |

There are very few financial steps I can recommend that apply to every single American and also cost absolutely nothing to implement.

One of those rare steps is getting educated about our nation’s Social Security system, especially if you’re nearing, or already in, retirement.

But another one is pulling your credit reports once a year.

It used to be a major production to actually do that. It also used to cost money.

However, since the Fair Credit Reporting Act went into effect, every American is entitled to access their own reports from the three major …

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Is UnderArmour Overrated?

by Frank Curzio |

Kevin Plank could have taken a job at Prudential Life Insurance.

Instead, the walk-on football player from the University of Maryland chose to start an apparel company.

In 1995, he maxed out his credit cards to the tune of $40,000 and used his grandmother’s basement to build his first prototype.

Kevin created a revolutionary new T-shirt designed to keep athletes cool, dry and light — and it was a huge hit. In just 12 months, some of the top colleges and professional football teams lined up to buy his apparel called Under Armour (UA).

Under …

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Social Security “is going to be insolvent before everyone thinks”

by Nilus Mattive |

A few years ago, I started talking about the fact that Social Security’s annual projections were consistently overestimating the program’s health. It was obvious just by looking at the statements they were sending me in the mail.

But researchers at Harvard and Dartmouth are now formally saying the same thing in a study just published in The Journal of Economic Perspectives as well as a second paper published in Political Analysis.

Worse, they believe the inaccuracies result from outdated methodologies and poor actuarial transparency.

Gary King, one of the study’s authors and a Harvard professor, …

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Why You Should Run from the Frack Attack

by Frank Curzio |

David Einhorn just dropped a bomb on fracking stocks.

Einhorn is the founder Greenlight Capital. That’s the name of his hedge fund, which has $5 billion in assets.

Einhorn is viewed as one of Wall Street’s top short-sellers. He’s famous for his in-depth research into companies that have massive problems lurking beneath the surface.

Allied Capital and Lehman Brothers were two of his most-famous targets.

In both cases, Einhorn took a short position after finding aggressive accounting practices that inflated the companies’ asset values.

Lehman eventually filed for bankruptcy in 2008. Allied Capital fell …

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