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Some of my worst stock picks ever …

by Nilus Mattive |

Two weeks ago, I gave you an honest appraisal of each and every service we offer at Easy Street Investing … with the upshot being that every single one of our products performed VERY WELL during the first half of 2014.

But I know a lot of folks in the financial services industry are really good at talking about all their great calls while ignoring any of their bad ones.

So today I’m going to tell you about a few individual stocks that really dropped in value after I recommended them.

For example, …

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Five Reasons Stocks Could Go Higher

by Nilus Mattive |

We’ve seen a pretty good pop from U.S. equities over the summer, certainly more than I expected given how far we’ve already come.

But as I talked the recent action over with my team, the head trader responsible for the $10-million algorithm program behind our various premium services (Easy Street Trader, Easy Street ETF Trader, and Easy Street Options), told me he sees at least five reasons that stocks could keep moving higher … despite all the bearish noise out there.

Now, frankly, we don’t particularly CARE if the market goes much …

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Yes, they really ARE after you …

by Nilus Mattive |

As Joseph Heller wrote in Catch-22, “Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t after you.”

And although Heller’s novel largely dealt with issues of governmental bureaucracy and power — plus featured a character named Snowden — it was first published back in 1961.

That was WAY before we had the NSA or security cameras on every single section of the highway!

So, if anything, a heck of a lot more people are feeling (rightfully) paranoid these days.

Because the reality is that never before in history has our personal information been more easily …

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A Special Mid-Year Update

by Nilus Mattive |

About six months ago, I did a round-up of all the various services we were publishing at Easy Street Investing … and I promised to continue giving you updates going forward. Reason: I think it’s important for you to know how well (or poorly) our various strategies are doing every six months or so. It helps you better assess what we offer … and it keeps my team honest, too. Remember, we write these regular articles as a way of sharing big-picture ideas and specific investment ideas with you. And there’s absolutely no obligation on … [Read Post »]