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2 More Companies That Can Predict the Future

by Frank Curzio |

Recently, I told you about one of the greatest trends in technology. It’s called "Big Data."

Big Data refers to the sheer volume of digital data being collected around the world. This information is then analyzed using advanced algorithms to help predict the future.

This data is incredibly valuable to just about every company in the world.

•  Insurance companies can learn more information on a person to better adjust their policies …

•  Retailers can monitor spending patterns to better market to consumers …

•  Utility companies can monitor energy usage …

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What to make of China, Commodities and More …

by Nilus Mattive |

After a few weeks of stabilization, Chinese shares resumed their downward slide yesterday — plummeting more than 8% just in Monday’s trading session alone.

That was the biggest one-day drop in China’s equity markets since 2007, and it has a lot of readers asking what to make of the action … especially since it corresponds with a big sell-off in the commodities markets.

Let me preface my comments with one simple statement: I don’t have a dog in this fight.

In fact, I have not been actively recommending any Chinese company in Income Superstars since …

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Is Apple’s Run Done?

by Frank Curzio |

Over the past few months, I encouraged you to take profits in Apple.

Apple (AAPL) is the largest company in the world. Its signature products include the iPhone, iPad, Mac computer and the new Apple Watch.

These tech gadgets are among the top-selling products in their respective categories. And many investors look to get positioned before each new Apple product is launched.

This strategy generated monster gains for investors for more than five years. In fact, I’m one of these investors who have been bullish on the stock for many years.

However, as I explained recently, …

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If you want to buy gold right now…

by Nilus Mattive |

As you know, I favor income-producing assets and gold hardly fits into that category. But readers often ask about my thoughts on the yellow metal, so I at least try to give updates once in a while.

The short story is that I have been openly bearish on gold in Income Superstars over the last couple years.

For example, in my 2014 Annual Forecast Issue, which went to press in December 2013, I said:

"I think gold will continue to decline in 2014. The Armageddon fears have largely subsided. The money-printing can only slow from …

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