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Are you waiting for bonds to implode?

by Nilus Mattive |

I think our group has been doing a great job covering the world of stocks and personal finance. But I also think there are some other parts of the investment world that we should be paying more attention to — including bonds.

Fixed-income is an absolutely huge asset class that EVERY investor should be following, and even more so if you’re interested in generating consistent cash flows.

So today, I’ve invited my friend Marilyn Cohen to talk bonds with me.

You may already know Marilyn’s name from past articles she’s written for us … …

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Moves to make before April 15th!

by Nilus Mattive |

With just a few days left before tax day, I wanted to give you some last-minute moves that you can consider making right now.

Obviously, if you haven’t yet completed your return for this year you should do all the usual things like making sure you take every deduction you’re entitled to.

I would also point out that if you’re receiving a refund from Uncle Sam this year, it’s possible to have as much as $5,000 returned to you in the form of I Bonds, which I wrote about last month, by using form 8888. …

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When Uncle Sam wants your dividends …

by Nilus Mattive |

If you’re like millions of other Americans, you’ve either just finished your tax return or planning to spend some time over the next week wrapping things up.

So today I want to talk about how various dividend payments are treated by Uncle Sam.

Reason: Even if you’ve already mailed out your 1040, or you pay a professional to file for you, understanding the various tax implications of different types of investment income sources could very well change how you view different opportunities going forward!

Obviously, there’s no way I can cover the entire …

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Am I just a stubborn idiot?

by Nilus Mattive |

Tuesday’s article on how my family fared using the new healthcare exchange has already generated quite a response!

The feedback ranged from positive to, well, not that positive.

For example, one reader wrote in to say my column was “embarrassing.” (I’ll explain why in a moment.)

But first, in the former category, I received messages like the following piece of helpful advice from a reader named Linda …

“One thing you should have checked into on your new lower priced HMO is the providers the plan is using. I did not see any mention …

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