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Your comments and ideas on Social Security

by Nilus Mattive |

I’m hardly surprised that I received a lot of feedback after last week’s article about Donald Trump and Social Security. Lots of Americans are passionate about each of those two topics, so putting them together is almost sure to generate fireworks.

Today, I’d like to share a few of the comments I received — along with additional insights of my own — to keep this important conversation going.

Let’s start with this very intelligent question from a reader named Dave:

"How much will the equation change if Trump gets our GDP to 4% growth? What would …

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The Uncommon Way to Invest in Gold

by Brad Hoppmann |

After the worst month in more than three years, why wouldn’t you be a buyer?

One of the most basic adages when it comes to investing is to “buy low, sell high.”

While that sounds easy, we all know it’s actually easier said than done.

A big reason why it’s easier said than done is because when prices of an asset go down, investors get scared. Let’s face it, nobody wants to buy a stock, exchange-traded fund or commodity when it’s getting battered and badly beaten up.

Our natural bias is to steer clear of that …

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More big changes coming to Social Security in 2017?

by Nilus Mattive |

I have been covering Social Security in depth for more than a decade now, and I have ALREADY made a number of deadly accurate predictions about the program over the last several years.

For example, back in 2008, I started showing Americans how to use a little-known Social Security loophole to immediately boost their benefits even if they were already collecting checks.

But Washington politicians caught wind of this and had Congress shut it down by the end of 2010.

Then, I started telling Baby Boomers how to use a few more strategies to get bigger …

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A better shopping list for Black Friday

by Nilus Mattive |

We’re still two days away from Thanksgiving, and I’ve already been getting plenty of “Black Friday” shopping deals.

And while I have nothing against deep discounts on electronics or bargain-priced toys, I also try to focus on gifts that provide longer-term value and meaning whenever possible.

So as the big period of holiday buying gets into full swing, let me give you a few investment-themed gifts to consider giving to someone in your life …

Gift Idea #1 An I-Bond

As I’ve explained plenty of times before, I-Bonds are officially known as Series I Savings Bonds. …

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