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The story behind my “cash on demand” strategy …

by Nilus Mattive |

If you haven’t already signed up to try out my new Superstar Trader, you’ve probably at least seen my e-mails about the new "cash on demand" strategy that forms the core of this new premium investing service.

Obviously, the promotional video goes a long way toward explaining WHY the approach can work so well. (And I happen to think the stories I dug up are wildly entertaining, too.)

Still, I know some people just want to hear the straight story. So here it is …

Essentially, the idea is writing options on high-quality dividend stocks …

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The Top Draft Pick in Morgan Stanley’s Fantasy League: Tesla

by Frank Curzio |

On Monday, when investors watched in awe as the Dow Industrials dropped nearly 1,100 points, I was floored for a different reason.

That’s because I was reading Morgan Stanley’s (MS) recent 39-page research report on Tesla (TSLA). In it, the investment firm raised its target price on the electronic car manufacturer from $280 to $465 a share.

Now, it’s not often you see a well-respected research firm double their target on a large-cap stock from the current price.

But that wasn’t the amazing part.

The bigger story is how Morgan Stanley came up with its $465 …

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A lot of your wealth, gone in the blink of an eye…

by Nilus Mattive |

A lot of people are now freaking out about the stock market, and that’s understandable.

It is utterly disheartening to watch a large portion of your wealth disappear in a week.

The good news is that market dips only affect your net worth on paper — as long as you don’t overreact and start selling things willy-nilly.

Better yet, you can also use these types of market events to INCREASE your net worth over time — by continuing to collect dividends from quality investments you already own … accumulating additional stock market bargains as they emerge …

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Keep Holding on to This Growth Stock for Even Bigger Gains

by Frank Curzio |

Back in March, I told you Under Armour (UA) had huge upside potential.

The stock was already a big winner for investors. Since going public 10 years ago, UA surged more than 1,100%. And when I told you to buy shares, the stock was trading near an all-time high.

Since my call, UA is up 34%. That compares with the S&P 500 index, which is up 1% over the same timeframe.

Despite the recent outperformance, UA still has much more upside potential. In fact, the stock is likely to outperform …

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