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One final note about writing puts and calls …

by Nilus Mattive |

Over the last two weeks, I have discussed the two main strategies we’re using in my premium Superstar Trader service — covered call writing and cash-secured put selling.

As a quick recap: Both of these strategies involve selling options to other investors.

In the case of covered calls, you are giving someone else the right to buy stock you already own at a certain price over a certain time frame going forward.

In the case of cash-secured puts, you are offering to buy someone else’s stock at a certain price over a certain period of …

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A Choice You Can You Can Feel Good About Making This Year

by John Ross Crooks III |

We interrupt our regularly-scheduled programming to join the mudslinging already in progress …

The Wall Street Journal published a knee-slapper last week titled "Clinton to Criticize Trump’s Economic Plan as Self-Serving."

Well that headline must have slipped past the Department of Redundancy Department.

We are, after all, talking about a politician and a business mogul. It’s grossly redundant and trivializing to consider anything they do "self-serving."

But the charade goes on.

Donald Trump’s given us a tax plan I really don’t care to know about precisely because Hillary Clinton wants me to know about it …

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Worried the market is topping out? Do this…

by Nilus Mattive |

Last week, I discussed the idea of selling put options on stocks you might want to own. We looked at why the strategy was a great way to generate consistent income with relatively low risk.

Today, I want to talk about the other options selling strategy that I recommend — covered call writing.

In many ways, covered call writing is like the mirror image of cash-secured put selling. But it is done with stocks you ALREADY own.

And actually, I consider covered call writing — as long as it is done properly — to be the …

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The Surprising Upside Amid Falling Crude Prices

by John Ross Crooks III |

My wife and I had our gaggle of children out past their bedtime one night recently. Then we ran out of gas in a parking lot, leaving our Chevy Suburban motionless atop a drainage grate.

I mention the grate because it meant the slope of the asphalt was uphill either way I tried to push the half-ton vehicle out of the way.

Despite my superhero (according to my kids) strength, I needed the help of a Good Samaritan to give me that last bit of oomph and drive me to a gas station.

A man …

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