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Saying no to Social Security …

by Nilus Mattive |

Last week I talked about some less recognized aspects of Social Security, including the fact that some Americans don’t participate in the system at all.

Some of you were left wondering who I meant, or how anyone could possibly opt out of Social Security based on religious grounds.

So today I want to tell you one of my favorite stories about the program’s history …

The Old Order Amish vs. Washington, D.C.

The Social Security Act — which marked the beginning of the system we know today — passed Congress in 1935. But …

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How low can oil go?

by Dan Hassey |

Yesterday, the World Bank cut its economic growth forecast, and oil prices came under pressure once again.

Adding to the bearish sentiment, billionaire Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal also said we will "never" see oil trade above $100 again.

With oil dipping to into the mid-$40s, it can certainly feel that way.

But I don’t buy what he’s saying for the longer term, and neither should you.

Until oil puts in a bottom and starts to bounce higher, you should stay cautious. At the same time, we should start looking at the …

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Seven Surprising Social Security Facts

by Nilus Mattive |

Another year has come and gone without one single action to address the systemic problems with Social Security. And although I can’t make lawmakers sit in a room and figure things out, I CAN keep you educated on the program and give you smart ways to use it to your own family’s advantage.

So today I want to share seven facts about the program that very few people understand …

Social Security Fact #1: A lot of people don’t even know when they can begin taking benefits.

A survey of people in my age bracket …

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Investing in the cure for cancer …

by Frank Curzio |

Because of our new partnership agreement with Brad Hoppmann and the Uncommon Wisdom Daily team, we are now able to bring you insights from a whole new team of analysts and editors. One of them, Frank Curzio, is widely recognized as an expert on emerging technologies and off-the-radar stocks. In the article below, Frank talks about a new breakthrough in the war on cancer, and shares some ways for you to invest in this developing trend.

The long-awaited revolution in the fight against cancer is here.

For the first time in more than 50 years, …

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