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Kinder Morgan, Obamacare, and Social Security changes!

by Nilus Mattive |

My e-mail inbox has been blowing up lately — with questions, comments, and concerns on everything from the big decision facing Kinder Morgan investors to criticisms on my recent articles about healthcare.

So today I want to address a few of these very popular issues …

Let’s start with my recent story on “The Broken Bone Lottery.”

A reader named Martha wrote in to say,

“After reading your article on your visits to the doctor I was quite amused. This 71 year old has had plenty of experiences with them. When the billing department …

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Why oil could rebound from current levels …

by Dan Hassey |

Over the last few weeks, Dan Hassey has been keeping us all up to speed on the rapidly-shifting energy markets. In today’s piece, he talks about a few headwinds for oil that could end up being bullish over the longer term. — Best wishes, The Easy Street Investing Team

Crude oil prices have dropped more than 25% since their June peak. So recently, I posed the question whether oil (and oil stocks) still had more overreaction left in them. At the time, oil was testing support at $80.

Since then, oil has been trading in …

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Social Security vs. Annuities

by Nilus Mattive |

Two weeks ago I gave you a basic breakdown on annuities, including reasons why I still favor the fixed immediate variety.

Now, today I want to explain why I consider Social Security to be the best fixed immediate annuity available.

I know this will sound a bit shocking — especially since I spend a lot of time criticizing the Social Security program.

But while I continue to believe that our national retirement system is riddled with problems, I am also a pragmatist. This is why I have advised my own father to delay taking …

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Is Natural Gas Better Than Gold?

by Dan Hassey |

As oil, gold, and silver prices all continue to drop, you might be wondering whether ANY natural resources are ready to rebound. In the following article, Dan Hassey explains why natural gas might be the best candidate for upside going into the winter season. — Best wishes, The Easy Street Investing Team


Many folks in the Northeastern part of the United States got their first taste of winter weather this past weekend.

That was a gentle reminder of last year’s "Polar Vortex" which sent a chill through the United States. The deep freeze halted …

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