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A single stock market bright spot…

by Nilus Mattive |

The bears are out in full force, and for good reason.

There are lots of troubling signs on the horizon — whether you’re looking at rising interest rates, a Chinese slowdown, a collapse in oil prices or just about any other part of the global landscape.

I think it’s absolutely right to be worried about more weakness in the broader stock market indexes … and equally right to consider various protective strategies.

However, I also continue to focus on one singular bright spot: high-quality dividend stocks.

These are not investments to trade during short-term ups and …

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5 Contrarian Items to Keep in Mind While All H-E-Double Hockey Sticks Breaks Out

by John Ross Crooks III |

Contrarianism is in my blood. I seek independence, resilience and sustainability in my personal life.

Heck, I raise chickens and pigs to feed my family. We also grow plenty of fruits and vegetables, and power much of our property with solar energy.

But my goal is bigger than staying away from our highly centralized food system and electrical grid. It’s getting away, as much as possible, from centralized anything.

And right now, I really don’t like what I see coming down the pike. Especially given that the federal government and other globalist meddling has …

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Burnt marshmallows, toasted retirements

by Nilus Mattive |

I spent this past weekend in Aspen with my family, and the conditions couldn’t have been better.

Loads of new snow. Various X-Games events to watch at night. And probably my daughter’s personal favorite — complimentary S’mores at the hotel firepit!

Of course watching her eat those toasted marshmallows got me thinking about something I’ve written about in past columns — an experiment conducted by Stanford back in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

Researchers took a group of kids (ages 4-6) and offered them each a single marshmallow to eat.

However, they also gave them …

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More Pain Ahead For Apple

by Frank Curzio |

Over the past year, I’ve encouraged you to take profits on Apple (AAPL).

Apple is one of the greatest companies in the world. Its signature products include the iPhone, iPad, Mac computers and the Apple Watch.

These tech gadgets are among the top-selling products in their respective categories. And many investors generated huge profits owning Apple ahead of these product launches.

However, as I predicted here, Apple was about to see a dramatic slowdown in growth (in earnings and sales) in the years ahead.

In fact, this trend began in July. This was after the …

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