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Can interest rates actually go lower?

by Nilus Mattive |

It’s hard to believe, but here we are, still waiting for the Federal Reserve to finally raise its target interest rate for the first time since July of 2006.

In fact, after watching the benchmark rate quickly drop from 5.25% in July of 2007 to just 0.16% by December of 2008, we have yet to see anything other than near zeros.

Just think: Over that same timeframe, my daughter went from the point of conception to birth. She began walking and talking. She has learned to read, write, and do all four major arithmetic …

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You Almost Can’t Go Wrong Buying Stocks Like These…

by Frank Curzio |

You could almost never go wrong buying elite businesses …

This includes some of the world’s greatest companies like Procter & Gamble (PG) or Coke (KO). Buying and holding these names over the past few decades resulted in huge returns for investors.

These elite companies can be fantastic companies to own. They are legendarily profitable businesses with world-famous brand names. When professional investors gather to discuss great businesses, these names always come up.

But if investors focus solely on the world’s biggest companies, they miss out on large group of stocks that can help them grow …

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Will the Fed ever drop in?

by Nilus Mattive |

About a year ago I was with my young daughter at the local skateboard park.

Now, truth be told, I was never that great at skateboarding even when I was her age and my body was a lot more limber. So as I stood perched atop a rather steep ramp, I wasn’t confident in my ability to ride down it.

The more I hesitated, the steeper it looked.

The steeper it looked, the more nervous I got.

And after a couple of false starts, I finally dropped in as my daughter shouted "Be brave, Dad!"

Four …

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Special Gala Issue: About Today’s Fed Announcement

by Brad Hoppmann |

You’ve likely heard the adage “follow the money.”

It was a catchphrase made popular by the film “All the President’s Men” that depicted the events around the Watergate scandal in 1972.

In the movie the informant tells journalist Bob Woodward to follow the trail of secret campaign cash. In essence, if you follow the cash, you’ll find the truth.

And that’s exactly what happened.

The FBI found cash on the burglars and connected it to a slush fund used by President Nixon’s campaign, leading to a subpoena for Nixon’s secret Whitehouse tapes and …

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