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Will interest rates ever move again?

by Nilus Mattive |

As you’d expect when organizing a cross-country move, the last month has been filled with a series of personal obstacles and logistical hurdles for my family.

I’m talking about everything from arranging the shipment of three cars to trying to figure out which furniture items weren’t going to fit in our new rental home.

On top of that, I was busy trying to complete the sale of two properties back East!

Through it all, one thing has become apparent:

You can prepare … but you also have to pivot from time to time.

Those cars? …

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Free Up Time and Money for Retirement Investing

by Grant Wasylik |

Americans spend more time choosing a restaurant, flat-screen TV or tablet computer than planning for an investment in their IRA.

It’s true!

Retirement services specialist TIAA-CREF polled 1,000-plus adults on their attitudes, preferences and behaviors about IRAs back in 2014.

Here’s what the company found:

Source: TIAA-CREF 2014 IRA Survey

Crazy, isn’t it?

Obviously, we should all dedicate more time to retirement planning than to deciding on Carrabba’s Italian Grill vs. Olive Garden, Samsung vs. Sony, or Apple vs. Microsoft.

Part of that problem is retirement account ownership.

Last year, the National Institute on Retirement Security …

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Why are investors so risk-tolerant these days?

by Nilus Mattive |

Back in the early days of surfing, there was absolutely nothing to connect riders to their boards. Whenever they fell off, they had to swim and retrieve their boards. And since the boards often kept going all the way to shore, that meant two things:

1. A lot of time spent swimming rather than surfing

2. Plus, a lot of runaway surfboards shooting toward other surfers, boards, rocks, reefs, and a million other hazards

These days, most people wear rubber leashes to avoid the two problems listed above. And it is generally considered the safer, more-responsible …

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‘How Should I Invest?’

by Grant Wasylik |

According to Google Trends, monthly Google searches for the phrase “How Should I Invest” hit their highest point ever this past January.

It makes sense that the month of January usually sees a tick up on investing searches. A new year generally results in annual rebalancing for many investors.

But why did this past January set a record?

I’d say two main reasons:

1. Internet users and usage are on the rise. In 2015, there were over 3.1 billion global users. Opposed to 15 years ago when that number was just over 400 million. The percentage …

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