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Getting Paid to Wait Around

by Nilus Mattive |

In last week’s column, I sounded a little pessimistic — saying that most investments look relatively expensive while the overall risk of a fall is far greater than most people seem to believe.

That type of commentary always prompts some readers to wonder if they should simply run for the hills and wait things out.

My answer? No.

First off, if you happen to own quality investments and they’re part of a long-term plan, there’s no need to do anything at all … especially if you are earning steady income just for holding them.

And even …

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All I see is risk right now

by Nilus Mattive |

When it comes to money, I’m pretty conservative. And when it comes to investing, I’m downright paranoid.

Yes, I’m willing to take risks. Occasionally, I’ll even take a big one if the payoff is really worth it.

But overall, I believe in Warren Buffett’s first rule of investing — “Don’t lose money.” (This also happens to be his second rule of investing.)

This is precisely why I’m not all that excited by stocks or bonds right now.

Sure, we are starting four years under a business-friendly president. No doubt a Republican-controlled Congress will be wind in …

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Looking back, and looking forward…

by Nilus Mattive |

History never repeats itself exactly.

But it’s a lot easier to figure out where things might be going when you know what direction they’re coming from.

So today, I want to look back at a few of the big stock trends we saw in 2016. Then I’ll tell you what I think they mean for this year and beyond.

Let’s start with the major sectors of the market.

Energy (+23.7%) and financials (+20.1%) were the two biggest winners. Telecom (+17.8%), industrials (+16.1%) and materials (+14.1%) rounded out the top half.

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The Presidential Retirement Plan

by Nilus Mattive |

After two terms in the White House, I’m sure President Obama is enjoying his first few days off. But at age 55, I’m not sure he’ll be ready to fully retire yet.

Either way, he’ll collect a pretty generous retirement package for his eight years of work. The presidential pension kicks in immediately and regardless of age.

By law, the annual amount is equal to the pay received by the head of an executive department, such as a Cabinet secretary.

This year, the figure is $207,800. And it will probably continue rising every year because Cabinet …

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